Dr. Sabrina has the mind of a therapist and the heart of a mystic. She puts both together in this amazing book.
- William J. Doherty, Ph.D.


Big Mama Speaks

Love Lessons from a Harlem River Swan

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About the Book

Big Mama Speaks: Love Lessons from a Harlem River Swan is a collection of nine spiritual teachings from an unseen, and often unheard, African-American woman. At the age of 33, Marion “Big Mama” Brisco was assaulted by two police officers, an attack that directly contributed to a massive stroke. She awakened from a 50-day coma — unable to walk, talk, or care for her six children. Marion defied all odds and lived for another 51 years.

After her death, Marion’s granddaughter, Sabrina, began a meditative ritual of writing to Big Mama each morning: “Over time, she took over my pen, sharing aspects of her life and experiences that I could have never known when she was alive. She pushed me beyond my notions of separation into a deep, rich, dialogue from the Other Side. Our conversations transcended time, space, and all the laws of physics."


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Big Mama’s capacity for elevating her soul beyond the confines of physical limitations, chronic illnesses, and oppression, demonstrates to readers that true medicine lies in our capacity for trust, hope, surrender, forgiveness, and love.

Part memoir, part self-help, and all spiritual, Big Mama speaks to remind you, beloved reader, that while trauma rests in one hand, transformation rests in the other.

About Dr Sabrina N'Diaye


Dr. Sabrina N’Diaye is a therapist, storyteller, and peacebuilder, with over three decades of service to the underserved. Her approach to healing is a blend of wisdom, science, and ancient spiritual practices. She is affectionately known as “Sister Sabrina” in the communities that she serves. 

Sister Sabrina is the founder of the Heart Nest Center for Peace and Healing in Baltimore, Maryland. There, she lovingly serves individuals, couples, other healers, and small groups. Since the summer of 2020, she and her team have hosted Project Big Mama, a multi-sensory event to honor the lost Black matriarch. 

She is a proud senior faculty member of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, where she has taught the art of self-care to leaders around the globe.  As Center faculty, she has responded to community-wide trauma, natural disasters, acts of terror, and mass shootings across the United States. In 2018, Dr. Sabrina initiated the Big Mama Scholarship, a fund designed to increase the Center’s presence in underserved African American communities. She, along with two of her colleagues from the Center, co-launched, Embracing Buffalo, to address the aftermath of the May 14, 2022  massacre in East Buffalo. 

Sabrina, and her book, are great and generous healers. Big Mama, speaking through Sabrina, is the presiding genius--a kind, wise, no-nonsense guide to peace and fulfillment. Her wisdom can bring great and lasting value to all of you who are reading this book.

- James S. Gordon, MD

In 2012, Sabrina became a student of Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, a healer and peacebuilder from Jerusalem, who blessed her with the name, “Saarah” (the mother of us all). Saarah Sabrina has committed her life to embodying and sharing the sacred Sufi teachings of peace, love, justice, mercy, and freedom.  

Dr. Sabrina is a highly-respected member of the treatment community, and frequently lectures across the country on oppression, spirituality, stress management, self-care for healers, addictions, and the “magic” of connection. She is passionate about mentoring other mental health professionals in their desire to make a living while serving humanity. 

Dr. Sabrina is a devoted wife, mother, daughter, and life-long learner, who remains humbled by the healing power of compassion, love, forgiveness, and the reality of imagination.

Big Mama Speaks is her first book.

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Big Mama Speaks is available to purchase in paperback on Amazon and the Kindle version is available on July 21. Click on the icons to purchase.

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